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Stefan Gliesche

Stefan is an internationally renowned expert in coaching and training for business leaders and professionals: if you are leading people he’s the perfect choice to develop your individual peak performance in leadership, in complete harmony with your personal character and style. For more than 15 years he’s been working successfully with entrepreneurs, executive officers, and managers in Europe and Asia to build up strong, authentic and inspiring communication and leadership skills.

Qianlead Fusion: Why it just works.

No, it’s not magic – it’s expertise: a collection of interconnected coaching and training techniques will support you on your way towards success in harmony with your personality. We know that it takes up to 6 months of continuos doing to exchange an old habit for a new strategy: this is only one of the reasons, why we plan in results, not in training days. Read on to find out, why the Qianlead Fusion will really make a difference in bringing you forward on your career path.