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17/07/19: Hiring Interview · Leadership Lab

 38,00 + IVA

Leadership Lab: un’opportunità di confronto su temi della leadership e della gestione delle risorse umane nel ambiente mozzafiato del nostro uliveto ligure


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Early Bird fino al 03/07/19.
› 17/07/19 – 15:30 a Coregna / La Spezia
› English language skills are required.


This time we will discuss together how to choose the right candidate through efficient job interviews.

In the Keynote  Presentation Hong Liu, an internationally recognised expert in Human Resources Management, will share with you how to apply behavioural interview techniques and focus on job related qualifications to understand the skillset and potentiality of a candidate and thus to make sure that your new hires will perfectly fit the position you selected them for.

In the Lab Time we will enter into an exchange of experiences and discussion on different aspects of the hiring interview. You will also have the opportunity to have a quick exercise and practice the learnings.

Considering recruiting cost, training investment, salary and benefits, workplace integration, termination and potential legal risks, you will be shocked how much money bringing in a wrong person will cost and how much this can harm operational efficiency.

So we’re quite sure you will find a few new tricks for your hiring practice, and take away a better idea of recent developments in professional recruiting.


15:30 Benvenuto
16:30 Keynote
17:00 Lab Time
17:45 Condivisione
18:30 Aperitivo & Networking


In caso di maltempo, l’appuntamento sarà annullato e la quota di partecipazione sarà completamente rimborsata.

Qianlead – Ca’ del Co’

Via Coregna 51
I-19123 La Spezia

+39 0187 1560030‬

Background Story

Quite a few managers are bothered by the outcome of their hiring interviews: after a very nice conversation with the candidate that seemed like a first step into a great future together, shortly after joining the company it became obvious that she/he was not suitable for the position at all

You may share similar experiences: a candidate told you that she/he is very good in approaching and interacting with people, she/he told you about her/his hobbies, the sports club she/he is in – a lot of interesting information that gave you the feeling she/he is a pleasant person and will be doing well in the sales position you are looking forward to fill. Only after the onboarding you find her/him floating every day: she/he could not reach any client or finds nobody in this area interested in your product.

Some managers are getting so frustrated that after suffering by this for more than once, they either wing the interviews by “having decided in the first 10 seconds” or just blindly bring in a dozen of new people for mass training and wait with their final decision for the probation review after half a year. But that’s not only a waste of time but will also leave a highly negative impression of your company in the job market.

Are you ready to face these consequences, or would you rather prefer to get great hiring results and sustainably build up an attractive employer brand? Then we should meet in Coregna for interesting discussions to share knowledge, experience and best practice, and to learn from each other.