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Leadership Lab: an opportunity to discuss leadership and human resources management topics in the breathtaking environment of our Ligurian uliveto.



Our Program for 2020

05/08/20 · Make use of the Team Dynamics

This Lab will be held in Italian.

This time we will discuss how to optimize efficient collaboration in your team to achieve amazing results together.

Group productivity is not necessarily the sum of the productivity of individual employees: if they don’t work well together, one could block another, with devastating consequences for the results. Finally, it is the dynamics in the team that define the output: if a manager can read it, she/he can influence the productivity – if not, even a team made up of brilliant experts could fail completely.

In the opening Keynote Stefan Gliesche will introduce various teamwork concepts with ideas on how to develop an effective collaboration in a team. Combining ideas from motivational psychology with practical experiences from corporate life, he prepares the stage for a sharing of best practices to build a team through inspiring leadership.

In the Lab Time we will discuss successful approaches to analyze team dynamics and develop strategies to align all team members in reaching their peak performance. 

We’re delighted to discuss with you how to lead a team to success, and are looking forward to a hands-on exchange of practical experience to learn from each other how to leverage team dynamics to guide your colleagues to peak performance.

In case of bad weather or continuing restrictions due to the Corona Virus we will cancel the event and fully refund the registration fee.


15:30 Welcome
16:30 Keynote
17:00 Lab Time
17:45 Sharing Session
18:30 Aperitivo & Networking

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Training Location

Ca' Meng Xia at La Spezia: provided by Qianlead

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