Develop the perfect strategy to grow your business: gain clarity when overcoming your doubts, focus on what really matters, increase the revenues. With our individual coaching programs you can activate your full potential.

Become the best version of yourself

We always fully concetrate on you and your goals: only the purpose changes, you will always be the center of ourattention. While in coaching we will develop solutions, goals and strategies together to make you more confident in your decisions, the individual training sessions serve to exercise practical skills to make you more confident in the executions.

Leadership Coaching is an incredibly powerful tool to achieve extraordinary results – in fact, the most successful companies on the planet rely on coaches to stay on top. When you decide to work together with a Qianlead Coach, you will meet once every two weeks over the next 12-18 months in dedicated 1on1 Sessions to evolve your ideas and concepts into a comprehensive vision of your future success story, to set clear objectives and develop the action plan to achieve them, and to break through limiting beliefs that hold you back today: all this in order to identify opportunities and strategies that will allow you to launch into a sustainable path of growth in personality, competence, and effect on others.

Qianlead’s proven methodology and techniques have already helped many executives and managers, and even entire companies, to achieve great satisfaction combined with exponentially growing profitability. Focusing predominantly on the present and the future, individual coaching and training sessions will result in valuable insights that lead to tangible knowledge and skills that you can apply immediately to increase your results.

Working with Stefan has opened my eyes to where my greatest strengths and talents lie. You think you know yourself – and I was really surprised by how wrong I was about a few things. Now I focus on what I can do best and delegate everything else: with more power and energy at work – and way better results. I can only recommend the Qianlead Development Program to everyone.

Gert Elfering

KArTE LLC, Dubai ed altre Aziende

Work on your personality to optimize your results

From political and corporate leaders to Olympic athletes, all the best of them use the support of a coach to stay at the top. Your Qianlead Coach not only helps you achieve your own goals in an elegant and sustainable way, he will also support you along the way, always ready to push you towards the effective realization of your visions and thus to achieve increasingly more important goals.

The trust and the compatibility of goals and values between coach and manager will be crucial for the success of the individual sessions: only if they find a way to work together effectively the desired results can be achieved. Which is why we offer you the possibility to get to know each other in a first session free of charge to giving both parties the possibility to consciously decide if they want to continue with the collaboration.

Together with your Qianlead Coach you will discover and overcome all the limitations that hold you and your business back today: be it in a freshly launched business that still needs support to find the right direction or in an already well-established company – together with your Qianlead Coach you will create a sustainable growth path for your specific situation that will lead to unprecedented success. The longer this collaboration will last, the better he/she will know you and your business, your visions and goals: this will allow him/her to give you a highly effective support in defining your future path, and to continuosly encourage you to achieve your greatest goals in full harmony with the specific needs of your organization. Over time, you will experience the benefit of coaching when reaching increasingly important successes that will lead to steady personal and corporate growth.


We offer you the most effective training possible: proven strategies and tools, rooted in a single, highly inspiring leadership philosophy, ready to be applied immediately. Because the easier the first step will be, the more probably you will make it.


Knowledge is only part of the success though – you also need inspiration, commitment, and the drive to apply what you’ve learned: the reason why Qianlead always connects knowledge with action, thus enabling it for daily use.


Qianlead continuosly pushes you yo put the learned into practice, thus initiating a noticeable change. You will develop the skills until they become part of your identity: this is the evolution of a genuinely inspiring leader.

Leadership Coaching

As a single session with the aim of solving a topic and developing immediate solutions, as well as a cycle of several months to develop long-term career strategies – the powerful approach to using your full potential

1 on 1 Training

Transform the knowledge of the method acquired in the workshop into active and always available skills: individual training sessions in your actual work environment will let you overcome your limits, achieve challenging goals, and create a powerful impact.

Personality analysis

Satisfy the curiosity for understanding the peculiarities of your personality and learn to better understand and control your personal needs and the effect of your behaviour on others, as well as others’ reactions to your interaction.




Ready to evolve to your full potential?

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