Unleash the potential still hidden in your workforce: Investing in a personnel strategy, transparent and efficient processes, in effectively incentivising payroll will lead to greater profitability. With the support of a Qianlead Consultant your HR administration will not only become more effective but will also actively support the achievement of your company’s operational objectives.

Attract and retain the most interesting talents

Transform your HR management into a powerful system for boosting productivity: with the right strategy and processes optimally tailored to the organization’s specific environment, you will not only manage your employees efficiently, but you will also create an energetic and attractive environment that attracts new talent from the outside and internally develops the staff you have already employed to its peak performance.

A staff strategy is the blueprint for the future growth of a company, because it defines not only the current situation but also the scope for future developments. Thanks to a definition of all the functions with their responsibilities, the compensation system with its incentivising levers, and the career paths with its opportunities for professional growth, all the energy of the staff in the company focuses on its strategic objectives.

Standardized processes for all aspects of personnel management create greater insight into the skills available among employees, possible growth opportunities, and risks to productivity – allowing you to intervene more strategically in the long-term development of your workforce. At the same time they lower the costs of administration while improving the comparability of employee performance.

Hong Liu was responsible for setting up the human resources department of the [newly established manufacturing plant in Chengdu] and hiring staff in close cooperation with the plant manager and CC-CN’s Vice President Manufacturing. Within two years, he launched a smooth-running operation with over 400 employees.

Hong Liu has developed and implemented HR policies and processes including the employee handbook for staff development, payroll, training, career planning etc. for the plant.

She has always been a valuable resource for management because she has never lost sight of the bigger picture and has constantly supported executives, directors and managers in the development of common goals and effective collaboration on HR matters. She has been a valuable source of knowledge and experience for the whole organization because she has actively supported the exchange of experiences and good practice cases with the human resources departments of other business units.

Confirmation of her good work came in March 2014 with the Bosch Central Audit: She and her highly efficient HR department obtained their certification with the excellent result of “no deviation”. And until today, one of the HR specialists she hired, developed and trained is still in charge of the department.

Claudia Xu

Bosch Automotive Products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Manager of Deployment Business Excellence

Increase the productivity with a inspiring environment

From global industry leaders to small startups with only a few employees, the most successful companies have implemented dedicated HR management that optimizes the impact of employees on achieving the organization’s strategic objectives. Many SMEs, however, do not devote the necessary attention to this crucial aspect because they still do not see the need – often resulting in serious consequences such as the loss of important talent or ineffective incentivization plans. In other words, they are denying themselves the opportunity to grow.

Especially less developed SMEs can achieve remarkable results with only a small investment – because it does not even require the hiring of many specialists but only the definition of the personnel strategy at management level, the establishment and implementation of a system of processes around the employee life cycle in line with the entire production process of the company, and finally the consolidation of responsibilities for the management of the human resources under a single administrative function.

Guided by a Qianlead Consultant you will develop the solution perfectly suited to the needs of your business, seamlessly integrating into your existing work processes. These tasks have to be done once and for all today, the greater profitability thanks to a workforce better suited to the purpose of the company, with stronger motivation and higher productivity on the other side will remain forever.


We offer you the most effective training possible: proven strategies and tools, rooted in a single, highly inspiring leadership philosophy, ready to be applied immediately. Because the easier the first step will be, the more probably you will make it.


Knowledge is only part of the success though – you also need inspiration, commitment, and the drive to apply what you’ve learned: the reason why Qianlead always connects knowledge with action, thus enabling it for daily use.


Qianlead continuosly pushes you yo put the learned into practice, thus initiating a noticeable change. You will develop the skills until they become part of your identity: this is the evolution of a genuinely inspiring leader.

Developing the HR strategy

Define the functions, roles and responsibilities to implement the corporate strategy and its values, including staffing, compensation strategy, skills development program and other aspects that will be essential to achieve it

HR Process Consulting

Plan and implement an effective and efficient HR system that, based on standardised processes, attracts talent, encourages desired behaviour and creates a stimulating environment, thus supporting the achievement of the company’s strategic objectives.

HR for your Chinese branch

Develop and implement a successful HR management system in your Chinese branch office supported by a recognized expert – create total transparency to assess results and crack down on fraud attempts




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