For us it’s essential that our participants as well as their superiors can quickly verify the first successes: to make progress visible we defined 27 Qianlead Skills – essential leadership, management and hiring competencies, that can be learned, trained and evaluated. They integrate seamlessly into our traits-based training- and coaching-system to systematically and consistently develop promising behaviors into enduring habits: using this approach, the cost of a few training sessions becomes a strategic and sustainable investment into a manager’s career, and at the same time into the quality of your company’s leadership and staff development.

Structure and result of every Qianlead leadership skill are well defined and can be evaluated. As consequence, growing leadership skills and leadership quality of a manager become measurable, allowing for individually selected strategies to reward, support, and train them further. Different personality styles and traits on the other hand define the specific implementation of those skills by every single participant in individually developed strategies, processes and formulas. Thanks to the Qianlead Fusion approach, everyone can learn the same skills, but implemented in her/his own, personal way: by buying into the attitude behind it, understanding the mechanisms of it and developing an individual approach for it, the newly learned behavior becomes natural and the resulting skill sustainable.