Lapp Italia: A Case Study

After completing a leadership training program composed of 4 Fusion Elements (in 2014 still called the Dolce Vita Business Plan), Roberto Pomari, CEO of Lapp Italia and Lapp Sistemi Italia, talks about his experience of the cooperation and the results achieved in his company.

“I see basically two results: the first is in the mindset in my management team (…) the second one is they are really implementing what they have learned in the training program. (…) In the second half of our fiscal year we have an average growth of 15% to 20% compared with the same period of last year, (…) and I’m deeply convinced that part of this achievement is because we invested into this program.”

Roberto Pomari, CEO Lapp Italia

I was lucky to participate in more than one workshop held by Stefan, and each time he knew how to exceed my expectations: he “enlightened” me about the dynamics of human behaviour and provided practical tools for their “management”, always in a exceptionally clear, concrete and structured way.
He taught me the importance of listening and knowing how to give feedback, and he always knew how to involve the entire group and on one hand and the same time steer the impact of the training for everyone individually …
The “power” of the method he uses and teaches makes it incredibly effective I can only say that even after hours and hours of intense training, I would just like to continue and discover more every time.

Mario Schininà

SCAR Concessionario Ferrari e Maserati

Thanks to reports from other colleagues I already had high expectations for this workshop. Stefan managed to exceed these expectations. I have never met a trainer like this: prepared, intelligent, sensitive and able to adapt to each participant. I found the climate created between the participants, the drive and motivation that everyone expressed to be particularly positive.

Tommaso Moriconi

HR Business Partner
Engel & Völkers Roma

Stefan particularly impressed me with his professionalism – in the workshop as well as in the collaboration with my department. The participants loved the training: they actively engaged in the discussions and exercises, worked highly concentrated and demonstrated with their questions that they were already starting to adapt the learnings to their individual working environment. This impression was confirmed by the excellent ratings for the training and the trainer in the participants’ feedback for all 5 sessions.

Sophia Chen

Bosch Training Center Shanghai

After having participated in the Leadership training course that you held on 6 and 7 February 2018, I wanted to express my appreciation for the great professionalism shown, combined with the exceptional clarity of concepts and language in this workshop, especially for a person who is not a native Italian speaker. The topics dealt with are concrete, tangible and easily applicable in the daily working life, and I’m confident with the desired results.
But the thing that inspired me most is your consistency of style and behaviour with the topics of the training, and I wanted to commend you on this.

David Montanesi

Area Manager Involucro Edilizio
Schüco International Italia

The feedback as well from participants of the coachings and trainings, as well from the management of the Italian branch, has all been extremely positive. Based on this experience, our client is currently expanding Mr. Gliesche’s job significantly to use his support also in the strategic development of the region.

Prof. Dr. Henrik Meyer-Hoeven

Board Member
PAWLIK Consultants

Over the years of working I have participated in a lot of workshops on people management / how to become a leader. Normally the content is quickly forgotten. For the first time I participated in a training where I was really challenged. And for the first time after the training program I thought: “and what do I need to do now to make it really work?” Sincere thanks to you for the passion you put into your work, and for the specific ideas and opportunities to grow in my role that you are offering. Finally a training program where in the center of the discourse is not only “what needs to be done,” but also “how to get it done!”
The fundamental benefit of Qianlead’s language is its concreteness: clearly understanding what we are talking about and how to implement it in my personal situation.

Matteo Buffi

Team Leader
Generali Italia Agenzia Generale Rovereto Rosmini

You completely changed my way to see the world – not only regarding my associates and customers, but everyone around me. You taught me to value the personality of my partners by following their intellectual paths, thus finding common objectives that help me to advance in my strategy.
When I will successfully reach my targets this year I will merit it to your work, and now I’m certain this will happen. To have met you was a fantastic gift: I treasure it highly. Thank you.

Massimo Salice

Expansion Manager
Engel & Völkers Italia

I was very impressed with Mr. Gliesche’s management training programme, particularly with how he embraced the culture of the audience and customised the material and delivery to reflect their unique circumstances. This helped to make the training programme more successful and relevant to the attendees. Also, their feedback has been very positive largely due to the interactive nature of the training: it encouraged the attendees to be involved in their own learning. 
I would like to use this opportunity to thank Mr. Gliesche for such a professional, successful and entertaining learning experience. I thoroughly recommend him to any company looking to train and motivate their executive management team and/or sales force to achieve higher levels of performance. 
I sincerely hope that we can continue our working relationship. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be associated with someone that addresses both the needs of the client and the attendees with such a superlative fashion.

Mark Ellul

International Marketing Consultant