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how to make leadership the key to success

 In this leadership training, managers will learn and train 

  •  the skills to empower and motivate people to peak performance 
  •  the mindset to unleash their team’s creativity, leading to intelligent solutions 
  •  the strategies to increase team productivity, resulting in more revenue 

even though many believe that a good manager automatically also is a good leader

Leadership is a key factor in productivity.
According to the Gallup Engagement Index,  97%  of managers see themselves as strong leaders. But only  20%  of their associates feel motivated by them.

…actually, leadership is the most relevant area of improvement for most managers…

The leadership quality influences associates’ productivity significantly. Competent leadership can  increase the profitability of an organisation for up to 30%. 
But most managers were never adequately trained in how to lead people and develop their performance.

…and at the same time the most influential factor for sustainably increasing revenues

Are you ready for the challenge?


  • A shared vision focusses the whole team on creating tangible results
  • The collaboration is competitive, full of energy, but free of conflict
  • Processes and agreements are followed even when no-one is controlling
  • Trust and mutual support lead to smooth cooperation
  • Everyone is fully committed to contributing to the common goals
  • Disagreements are solved constructively, integrating every stakeholder
  • Every associate is supported in developing individual talents further
  • Questions and feedback are the predominant forms of communication in the team
  • Bad news immediately and proactively arrives at the manager’s desk
  • Before considering an interesting job offer, talents will consult with their manager

How would you rate your own performance?

Just imagine…

…how much productive energy skilled leaders could unleash.

How the associates could forever change the future with their expertise and innovative ideas, once they’re willing and able to concentrate all energies on achieving your strategic objectives.

Think about the gigantic leap forward your organisation could make if only everybody would be more motivated, creative, and productive.

…how satisfying a leader’s work could be

In a modern organisation, a leader has 3 key tasks


unite people behind a bigger goal or vision and implement the processes of collaboration to achieve this goal


create a results-focused, and at the same time supportive and motivating working environment


systematically develop every associate as well as the whole team to sustainable peak performance.

Qianlead’s definition of leadership

the fundamental skill of a leader is to inspire, empower and motivate people in a way that they fully commit to successfully achieving the organisation’s strategic goals

Leadership is a  skill  that everyone can learn

There are 7 tasks every people leader in a modern organisation needs to master. We make it easy to acquire and assess the skills needed to perform these tasks successfully.

With  Qianlead7  you will develop your personal success formula, built upon observable abilities that you can learn, apply and compare.

Here are the seven Qianlead Elements to choose from to create your tailor-made training programme:

Qianlead7: the skills-based leadership training

 The 7 Qianlead Elements 

Learn to lead with vision and purpose based on confidently made decisions, clear focus and results-oriented productivity

Learn to create an inclusive team environment that enhances group productivity through support for individual success and well-being

Learn to use the principles of sharing, asking and listening to agree on common goals while leaving ample room for individual creativity

Learn to use the feedback process and the coaching approach to guide your colleagues in developing their peak performance

Learn to sustainably empower your colleagues through systematic career development based on personality needs, performance and potentials

Learn to strategically build your team in line with a clear vision that leads to efficient and functions-based collaboration

Learn to empower individuals to contribute productively to the team’s results while maintaining the focus on strategic objectives

Qianlead Leadership Training will improve your profitability

Ready to start building up your leadership skills?


Because leaders include employees actively in the company vision, they feel more responsible for their personal goals as a part of the team. As a result, they will work with more passion and quality and align with the entire company’s needs.

Because leaders actively develop team collaboration, they find the right role for each individual component. In this way, they create the context for respectful cooperation based on shared goals, leading to more team productivity and beyond.

Because leaders lead by objectives, they reward what delivers results and support where skills are lacking. As a result, everyone assumes the responsibility for their commitments, leading to outstanding results.

Because leaders develop all employees’ full potential, work becomes a stimulating challenge in which high-performance employees feel appreciated. As a result, the most promising talents will remain in the company to pursue their careers, while also attracting other high potentials.

Because the CEO and the management team create an environment of transparent and efficient processes, everyone will be more aligned and committed. Clear and respected responsibilities plus goal-oriented development support for each employee will result in more revenue.

Do you think that investing in training should deliver results?

We combine multiple live online sessions, on-site workshops and one-on-one training units to optimize implementation while at the same time maximising your RoI.

Do you hope to improve skills in everyday work through training?

We combine engaging group learning experiences with personal training in real-life situations to render the translation from theoretical knowledge to practical application as easy as possible.

Do you really want to initiate a change?

It takes time to change the status quo and overcome old habits. We invest a total of 21,5 hours of effective learning time per Qianlead Element with up to two expert trainers, including 3,5 hours of individual coaching or training-on-the-job to make change happen reliably.

Others just love our leadership training

Don’t just take our word for it.
See for yourself why others trust Qianlead!

I see basically two results: the first is the change in my management team’s mindset, the second one is that they are really implementing what they have learned in the training program.
In the second half of our fiscal year, we have an average growth of 15% to 20% compared with the same period of last year, and I’m deeply convinced that part of this achievement is because we invested into this program.

Roberto Pomari, CEO Lapp Italia

Finally, a training program where in the centre of the discourse is not only “what needs to be done,” but also “how to get it done!”
The fundamental benefit of Qianlead’s language is its concreteness: in clearly understanding what we are talking about and how to implement it in my personal situation.


It was amazing to experience how this simple game became the foundation for a detailed analysis of behaviour and personality, leading the way to a deeper understanding of the needs and potentials of associates and managers


I have never met a trainer like this – prepared, intelligent, sensitive and able to adapt to each participant


The topics dealt with are concrete, tangible and easily applicable in the daily working life, and I’m confident I will achieve the desired results.
But what inspired me most is your consistency of style and behaviour with the topics of the training, and I wanted to commend you on this.


Continue reading only if you are open for  real change 

We want to get the job done. Investing in management training for us means to invest in real-world change. What we do will without question change the status quo. It might also be uncomfortable at times.

But it will definitely be liberating, empowering, and fulfilling.

to change the future, you must first change the mind

The Qianlead Success Triangle: core of our leadership training strategy

If you are serious about lasting change, you must first win over the hearts and then train the hands. And finally, ensure that these new skills are solidly anchored in values and beliefs.

  Don’t just learn. 

Learn to do.

The 3 levers of the Qianlead Method

To become successful with a new skill, you need to make it your own. It needs to fit your motivational profile, harmonize with your values, and integrate with your style to become a new habit by itself.

The one-on-one sessions in the curriculum provide a protected space to find your way. They are focused on adapting the learned skills to the participants’ individual personality, align them with their ethical values, and integrate them with past experiences.

To implement a learned skill, you first have to totally embrace it. And continue practising it after the training – relentlessly. It’s essential that the motivation to transfer the new skills into everyday habits is greater than the power of old habits.

There’s ample space in our training schedule to discuss the objectives, work on the mindset and completely understand the methods. We always start with the “why“: only when the benefit is apparent, the motivation to commit fully will develop.

To achieve your goals efficiently and effectively, you need to acquire specific knowledge and abilities. Once the mechanism of a method is understood and its application trained, it can easily be adapted to a wide range of situations.

We designed the training to optimize the systematic build-up of observable skills. Once the required knowledge is established, continuos training starts: first in the workshop with exercises and simulations, then in the individual sessions in real-world situations.

Hong Liu and Stefan Gliesche: Leadership Experts

   Leadership Experts.   

We designed the Qianlead7 management training system to prepare SMEs for the challenges of New Work: assessable soft skills turn modern leadership into a driver of change towards a more creative, respectful, and productive collaboration.

Hong Liu and Stefan Gliesche are recognised experts for leadership development and the hearts and brains behind Qianlead. Together they developed the Qianlead7 approach to evolve highly qualified professionals from successful managers to inspiring and effective business leaders.

Actually, only in this particular combination of a management trainer working together with an HR director a transversal approach like Qianlead7 could emerge: connecting two worlds that normally live separated leads to a more systemic and networked approach. Just perfect for the volatile organisation structures in the VUCA world.

Their profound practical experience results from distinguished careers in Europe and Asia, working for international brands like Bosch, Engel & Völkers, Lapp Group, Philips, S.C.Johnson, Telefonica, Wagner Spraytech and many others.

Invest in Qianlead Leadership Training

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Here are the top 5 reasons why clients chose us for their change projects: 

  1. LASTING RESULTS We use existing systems and structures in the company to leverage our training’s effect. This systemic approach integrates the new with the old, creating an environment that makes real change possible and stimulates continuous improvement.
  2. ENGAGING SESSIONS We know how the brain works. We base our training designs on this knowledge, resulting in active engagement in the sessions. The concentrated work to improve oneself will lead to valuable take-aways that will result in tangible successes back in the office.
  3. MEASURABLE IMPROVEMENT We defined measurable quality levels for all relevant leadership skills. As a result, you can track growing skillsets and enable HR to include observable criteria for soft skills in the performance rating.
  4. CREDIBLE MOTIVATION We only do what we believe in — and it shows. We believe that being authentic and passionate is the key to success in training and leadership. And we walk the talk — this is why our participants regularly fully buy-in and take high motivation back to the office.
  5. PREDICTABLE INVESTMENT We believe in full transparency of costs and services. As a result, our clients appreciate our invoices’ clarity: the amount due is the exact amount agreed upon before, even if the program slightly changed over time.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to invest in leadership training with Qianlead.
But we want to make it even easier for you to decide whether our solution fits your need: let’s talk and find out — with a leadership expert, not a salesperson. No strings attached.