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Qianlead: Training Leadership Skills

The Qianlead approach integrates strategic leadership, talent management and the implementation into one consistent solution for developing effective leadership in a company, providing training blocks to evolve an inspiring leadership culture, to develop measurable leadership skills, and to create structures and processes in which this culture can thrive.

We believe in building up great leaders by working on attitude, authenticity and ambition: we’re passionate about developing charismatic personalities who can lead to amazing results that will push our civilisation forward.

Qianlead has its roots in the chinese 潜力 (qián lì – potentiality), which literally translated means „the hidden power.“ Combined with the English word „to lead“, it perfectly describes the philosophy and purpose of our training system: to develop the hidden power of leadership that exists latently in everyone into an artful skill readily available when needed.

We coach, train and advise CEOs, managers and HR experts on how to build a strong leadership team: from finding the right people for key positions, over developing managers into inspiring and efficient leaders, to retaining the key talents in the company we deliver the solution to make you more competitive in the market.

„Imagine a workplace filled with bustling energy and relaxing harmony at the same time. Imagine highly motivated people creating an amazing value for the company because in doing so they are realising their own career vision. Imagine a group of people becoming one because together they want to bring their CEO’s inspiring vision to life. And now imagine you could make this imagination come true thanks to a revolutionary coaching programme.“

Our goal is to develop the full leadership potential in the management team, so that they in turn can lead their subordinates to peak performance and beyond. To be successful in this challenge, we work on three factors: developing the strategy and competence for hiring the right people into key positions, building up strong and authentic leadership skills, and creating a working environment strongly rooted in values and process that supports everybody in becoming the best version of her- or himself. Put together they create the pillars for continuos growth, for the single manager as well as for the whole company.


The hearts and brains behind the Qianlead System

Hong and Stefan are the hearts and brains behind Qianlead: they developed this training system for business leaders from their profound experience in management and training for brands like Apple, Bosch, Engel & Völkers, Lapp Group, S.C.Johnson, Telefonica, Wagner Group and others. Take a moment to read a bit more about their background to better understand why they are the right choice for making your leadership team amazingly successful!

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The Systemic Approach to Building up Inspiring Leadership

Inspiring leadership is one of the deciding factors for success or failure, because even the best idea will not materialize in a sold product if the management can not motivate the whole workforce to contribute their part.

That’s why we are passionate about great leadership: we focus on personality and attitude as firm foundation for a leader’s development first, and only then on measurable leadership skills that can be learned, trained and assessed. Taken together this becomes a solid foundation for a manager’s systematic development to leadership mastery.

The Qianlead Solution

The all-in-one approach to develop an effective leadership structure in your company

Find & Select Talent: Training and Consulting for your Recruiting

Develop a sustainable recruiting strategy; create the whole hiring process from job description, cooperation with headhunters, preselection based on a curriculum to the interview and final decision; and train the skills to make your hiring a success

Develop Leadership Skills: Coaching and Training for the Persons in Charge

Build up inspiring and efficient leaders by working on their attitude, ambition and abilities, and in the process developing measurable leadership skills: traits-based and motivating communication in meetings, feedback and moderation; planning and delegation; professional performance review; solving complications and conflicts; and much more

Retain High Performers: Consulting and Training for the HR Department

Develop a consistent People Strategy to identify talent and high performers early on and to bind them to the company with an attractive compensation strategy, individual career opportunities, incentives and much more; and implement a professional HR management from onboarding, grading, salary review, training and development to termination

Of course you can book us for a single coaching sessions or workshop only. But the human brain needs a bit longer then just a few hours to change a habit, so the best results will come with a mid- to long-term training and coaching program. Even though it looks slower in the making, you actually will be able to experience the first successes already long before the program’s end, because already after the first training block clearly defined learning goals can (and should) result directly into changes in attitude and behavior. In the next segments these topics will continuosly be picked up again, thus training results will become more sustainable, and in consequence long-term-change will become possible. Hence investing in a system makes sure that every € spent on coaching and training will become an investment in your future, because it makes your company permanently more competitive in its market.

To create the training system made to measure for your specific situation, first we define the training goals for your company’s leadership team together, then we analyze the status quo of leadership in your company, resulting in a transparent recommendation for a training system built from Qianlead Fusion training blocks and, if required, individually developed additional sessions. It will at the same time focus on your company’s needs, require minimum development costs for the individually created segments and be ready to launch in a only few weeks. In other words, with Qianlead Fusion it’s easy, cost-effective and quick to start building up an inspiring leadership team that will change your company forever.


Qianlead Fusion: Learning, made effective.

Because we combine elements of group learning with individual skills training, immediate behavioural change happens directly in and after the training – not only in the outcome, but also in approach and attitude. As a result our clients observe already after the first session visible changes in the behavior of the training’s participants: a more conscious approach, a clearer view of the next steps to take, a more goal-centered communication. And because the skills are interdependent, every session adds new aspects to their approach, while the old learnings get repeated and trained continuously.

Learn more about the different methods used in Fusion Elements

Combining different training methods into a single systemic approach to develop measurable leadership abilities


Different methods seamlessly fused together into one consistent approach make the training incredibly efficient: it allows us to use the most effective learning method for every single result to be achieved. While distant learning via online courses or email are suited perfectly for efficient transfer of knowledge or self-guided reflection, workshops are ideal to align people and methods to create a deeper understanding. Individual sessions allow to find individual solutions, be it to reach decisions or to transfer newly learned methods from the training room to the real life environment in the company.

This is why with Qianlead Fusion we combine methods to make sustainable change possible and thus render your investment in training valuable.


Change doesn’t happen in a day: it takes 2 to 3 months of continuous doing to alter a habit or to create a new one. Therefore a typical training project will take from a few months to a year to achieve the training goals defined together in its beginning. But in daily business the new strategy and behavior is quickly forgotten: new skills don’t come easy.

This is why with Qianlead Fusion we ensure a ongoing support for the project leader as well as for the participants: of course there’s always an open ear for questions asked or support needed for specific situations. And why there will be self-learn tasks and exercises between the on-site sessions to continuously keep the learned skills active and to develop them further even when the trainer is not on site.


Everyone is different: different skill sets, different experiences, different personalities. Yet one solution should fit for all: one goal, one methodology, one training. It just won’t bring the desired results: individual persons need individual translations of common goals and methods to better understand why it’s beneficial to them and how to apply them in daily life.

This is why with Qianlead Fusion group training elements are always coupled with individual sessions, so that every single participant can find his or her personal “translation” for the training room exercise to real world application. Learning becomes easy this way: touchable results come quickly, and they are sustainable, because everything starts out from your very own personality.

While the influence of training on the classic KPI in the business context is quite difficult to prove and verify, a successful change in abilities may very well be measured by observing and rating indicators in the behavior and reactions on it. This is not only useful to track improvements made in the training process by analyzing the level of competence before and after the training, it will also become an indispensable tool in the long-term improvement of your managers’ leadership skills and your company’s culture.

Qianlead Fusion is designed to work with an interconnected mix of methods on all aspects that can help create inspiring leadership: it’s the systematic approach to bring a company’s global vision to life by developing its management into an aligned team of powerful leaders. To achieve this objective, we integrate leadership training with HR management and recruiting. In the end this will create an inspiring environment and a motivating culture to work in – that will become tangible, palpable, and touchable for every single associate.


Because sustainable change will only happen if it can grow in harmony with a personality’s needs, our approach is the closest you can get to a guarantee for success. It will pay off in the long run: managers and associates working self-motivated on projects they deem attractive will get into flow more often and more quickly. Their work will be more focussed and of higher quality. And the resulting solutions more creative and easier to implement. Because when you like what you do, and you want what you get – you go the extra mile, just because it’s fun.

The Qianlead Leadership Training System:

Learn to lead by inspiration.