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become the best leader you could be!

  Benefit from Stefan’s coaching to 

  •  develop solutions in harmony with your personality for difficult situations
  •  create strategies and plan their implementation to achieve challenging objectives 
  •  collect ideas on how to handle specific situations and exercise leadership skills 

master every aspect of leadership

Leadership is a key factor in productivity.
According to the Gallup Engagement Index,  97%  of managers see themselves as strong leaders. But only  20%  of their associates feel motivated by them.

…and live the life of a more passionate, more fulfilled and more proactive leader:

The leadership quality influences associates’ productivity significantly. Competent leadership can  increase the profitability of an organisation for up to 30%. 
Key to success is a leadership strategy that harmonizes fully not only with your personal needs but also with the needs of your employees and your company

stefan’s leadership coaching will become an essential experience to bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to be in the future

Do you want to make use of your full potentiality?

Coaching could be beneficial if you want to…

  • …better understand and prioritise your potentials, needs, and desires
  • …develop a clearer picture of your situation and focus on achieving your goals
  • …take an important decision and want to be sure to evaluate it completely
  • …overcome inner conflicts and mental blocks in order to integrate new points of view
  • …prioritise the most important objectives and maintain focus in implementation
  • …find a better balance between all important aspects of life like work, family or health
  • …handle negative emotions more constructively and make good use of positive emotions
  • …be guided in a reflection about a specific situation to get a better understanding
  • …create hands-on solutions for handling difficult partners or situations
  • …analyse the situation in your team and develop growth strategies

And of course, there are many more situations in which working with a coach could bring significant benefits

Are you ready to give it a try?

Just imagine…

…how much more productive energy you could unleash in your team.

How your associates could forever change the future with their expertise and innovative ideas, once they’re willing and able to concentrate all their energies on achieving your strategic objectives.

Think about the massive contribution your team could give to achieving your strategic goals if only everybody would be more motivated, creative, and productive.

…how much more you could achieve

The momentum it takes to turn good into great

zoom out

take a step back to see the whole picture to understand how every situation or decision connects with many others – and how one little rash change might cybernetically change the entire system


prepare your decisions diligently to build the confidence and enthusiasm to act on them vigorously: only if the goal is clear, you will succeed in concentrating all energies on reaching it


create an impact on your colleagues by shaping the message to match each individual’s personality with your arguments and tone: give them the possibility to embrace your cause and fully engage

Qianlead’s definition of leadership

the fundamental skill of a leader is to inspire, empower and motivate people in a way that they fully commit to successfully achieving the organisation’s strategic goals

Coaching is a  catalyst  for reaching peak performance

shift your perspective

You obviously know your own point of view. But to attain the best possible outcome when making a decision or entering a negotiation, a deeper understanding of the whole situation and how other people might interpret it will be highly beneficial.

Just to be prepared for all scenarios. And to make sure that surprises will only be good ones.

Stefan can help you in getting an outside view, and with this a more complete and balanced interpretation of a situation

plan your approach

You probably have a good idea of what you want to achieve. But to get there, you need clear priorities – shared by everybody who will have to contribute to the project.

So you need an elaborate plan of action – not only for processes and activities but also for how to best engage people to become involved

Stefan can help you in understanding better where your special talents lie and based on this develop a strategy of action that lets you shine

prepare your action

To create a positive and motivating impact on people you need to understand your effect on others, the situation they are in and individual personality needs first.

Individual communication strategies and incentives will help you to kickstart everyone’s motivation.

Stefan can help you to prepare your approach, support you in its implementation and train with you the most effective methods that will bring you to the target and way beyond


Because in the coaching you look at the same situation from different angles, you will be reflecting different argumentation patterns. You will hence be able to comprehend the opportunities and risks to a fuller extent.

As a result, you will develop a clearer picture of the overall situation and thus be able to integrate the concerns and ideas of others easily.

As you learn to recognise yourself and your needs better in coaching, you develop a clear understanding of your strengths and vulnerabilities. Feelings of inadequacy or overstraining, as well as many conflicts, will start to fade away.
As a result, you will find paths to greater harmony both for yourself and with others, even in challenging situations.

Because we will focus entirely on your strategic goals in coaching, we will clearly identify your priorities and develop actionable solutions.
As a result, you will get a better grip on all those little time-suckers in your everyday work and concentrate instead on what really counts.

Because in coaching you work not only on the goals but also on the actual implementation, you will enter your meetings and negotiations strategically and methodically well prepared.

As a result, you will appear more self-confident, present your arguments more clearly and understandably, and elegantly overcome obstacles or integrate them into your strategy.

Because in coaching you recognise all communication and cooperation levels, you will find new ways to inspire more colleagues to a greater extent for your goals and projects.

As a result, they will be more committed and creative in the implementation.

Do you want to find your best way?

Coaching is fully centred on you: you bring in the arguments, you define the goal, and you develop the answers that lead to real-world solutions, fitting you. The coach is always there to support you with his line of questions, ideas and advice.

Do you hope to improve your quality of leadership with coaching?

Coaching is a continuous process of gaining a better awareness of oneself: the better you understand who you are and how others perceive you and your actions, the better you will be able to influence and guide them.

Do you think that investing in coaching should deliver results?

Coaching is very personal: it’s about who you are and who you want to become. If you understand the fundamental energy that’s driving you forward, and you learn to employ it for defining inspiring goals and fulfilling activities, it will result in tangible, lasting change

Others just love our leadership training

Don’t just take our word for it.
See for yourself why others trust Stefan!

brown eyed human

Working with Stefan Gliesche opened my eyes to where my greatest strengths and talents truly lie. You believe you know yourself – and I was really surprised how much I was off the mark with that.
Now I concentrate on what I do best and delegate everything else: with more energy and joy at work and better results. 
I can only recommend this development programme to everybody.


You completely changed my way to see the world – not only regarding my associates and customers but everyone around me. You taught me to value my partners’ personality by following their intellectual paths, thus finding common objectives that help me advance in my strategy.
When I successfully reach my targets this year, I will merit it to your work, and now I’m certain this will happen. To have met you was a fantastic gift: I treasure it highly. Thank you.


body of water during sunset

Stefan Gliesche looks behind the façade, for him what counts is the person behind the manager. He uncovers what really is important in a structured, to-the-point but appreciating way.
I highly recommend his coaching sessions.

Heidi Schiller, Board member, KAÏTO Projekt GmbH Munich

   Leadership Coach.   

Together with my clients, I want to develop effective solutions that they feel completely comfortable with, enabling them to reach their full potential. That’s my secret for enabling my clients to tackle even extremely challenging goals with a sense of confidence and fulfilment.

The Qianlead Success Triangle: core of our leadership training strategy
The Qianlead Success Triangle

Stefan Gliesche is a recognised expert for leadership development with more than 15 years of experience in coaching and training professionals. Having worked for diverse companies like Bosch, Engel & Völkers, Telefonica in many European and Asian countries, he brings a real treasure chest full of experiences and stories that enrich the coaching and help lead his participants to efficient solutions.

His many years of experience in coaching manifest themselves in his solution-oriented approach that produces lasting results. The Success Triangle is the methodological foundation of his work. This results in holistic solutions that take into account all facets of the personality and therefore are implemented with great results.

His particular strength is his outstanding empathy and his ability to quickly put himself in the shoes of his participants. As a consequence, he easily establishes a trusting relationship and thus accelerates the path to the first practical changes.

Would you like to make the quality of leadership an important factor in your career development?

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Here are the top 5 reasons why clients chose Stefan for their leadership coaching: 

  1. LASTING RESULTS Stefan uses existing systems and structures in the company to leverage his coaching’s effect. This systemic approach integrates the new with the old, creating an environment that makes real change possible and stimulates continuous improvement.
  2. ENGAGING SESSIONS Stefan knows how the brain works. He bases his coaching method on this knowledge, resulting in active engagement in the sessions. The concentrated work to improve oneself will lead to valuable take-aways that will result in tangible successes back in the office.
  3. MEASURABLE IMPROVEMENT Qianlead defined measurable quality levels for all relevant leadership skills. As a result, you can track your growing skillsets and measure your improvement.
  4. CREDIBLE MOTIVATION Stefan only does what he believes in — and it shows. Being authentic and passionate is the key to success in the coaching but also in the moments of leadership. And he walks the talk — this is why his participants regularly fully buy-in and take high motivation back to the office.
  5. PREDICTABLE INVESTMENT Qianlead believes in full transparency of costs and services. As a result, our clients appreciate our invoices’ clarity: the amount due is the exact amount agreed upon before, even if the program slightly changed over time.

Coaching is a very personal affair. I want to make your decision to work with me as easy as possible: let’s talk and find out without any risks if I’m the right coach for you: the first one-hour coaching session is on me.
No strings attached.