how to select and integrate new leaders for your Italian branch

 With these training and coaching sessions, you will 

  •  learn how to define the competences and responsibilities of a role 
  •  learn and train how to select the fitting candidate for a position in your Italian branch 
  •  integrate the new Italian hire with the superiors in headquarters in Germany or China 

even though many believe that finding a great candidate automatically leads to great results

Selection and onboarding are key factors in rendering a new employee productive.
According to SHRM,  50%  of all senior outside hires fail within 18 months in a new position.
And lost productivity due to insufficient integration can cost from  1% to 2.5%  of total revenue.

…actually, what happens before, in, and after the selection defines the outcome way more…

Defining the role and its responsibilities clearly, selecting a candidate with a broad set of criteria covering competence, culture and connections, and quickly integrating her/him in trusting relationships with superiors and peers can  improve employee retention by 69%, employee engagement by 54%, and productivity by up to 50%. 
But more than half of all organisations still focus their hiring program on processes and paperwork, instead of on people.

…and will have a significant influence on whether your new hire will become a great success or a complete disaster

The cost of saving in the onboarding process

Are you willing to pay the price?

  • The cost of recruiting and lost productivity for a senior position can easily be € 150.000
  • Up to 20% of employees quit their new position within the first 45 days
  • 32% of global executives rate the onboarding they experienced as poor
  • Replacing a failed executive can cost up to 213% of her/his yearly salary
  • Poor interview and onboarding processes are seen as the primary cause
  • Negative candidate experience leads to a weakened employer brand
  • 50% of companies assess their candidates only after onboarding
  • Nearly one-third of all attrition happens in the first 90 days
  • 35% of companies spend zero dollars on onboarding
  • 75% of employee turnover is preventable

How would you rate your onboarding effectiveness?

Just imagine…

…that a new hire quickly integrates into the team as a fully productive member.

That the collaboration between a new strategic employee in Italy and the headquarters in Germany or China develops into trustful and effective cooperation in no time.

Think of the gigantic leap forward your Italian branch could make if only the new partner would deliver on its promise from the very beginning.

…productive collaboration from day one

3 steps for effective onboarding


Clear responsibilities lead to results-oriented collaboration: to define the unique purpose and performance benchmarks for every position is essential if you want to develop staff efficiently, render performance assessable render processes more fluid, and ensure efficient collaboration in and amongst the teams


Skills can be learned – the personality won’t change: to understand the value of past experiences and proven skills for a position as well as the candidate’s attitudes and beliefs already in the curriculum and following up in the interview is fundamental for selecting the candidate that will fit in reliably


The first 45 days define all future collaboration: to quickly develop an understanding of similarities and differences in their cultures, experiences and personalities will be essential for a new employee and her/his direct contact at headquarters to develop a productive and stable longterm relationship


In intercultural collaboration, sharing definitions of processes and responsibilities, embracing diversity and investing in trusting personal relationships are essential for working together successfully in the long term.

Success with new hires can be  prepared 

role profile

You will learn to define role profiles based on required abilities, knowledge and experiences, tasks to be executed, and responsibilities.

This will help you to clearly define the position in your own recruiting activities and the briefing of a headhunter to speed up your search process and render it more cost-efficient


You will learn how to extract all relevant information from the curriculum and a focussed interview to prepare an informed choice.

This will help you to make the best use of the cv and the interview to quickly decide which candidate will have the highest probability of successfully creating the desired results


Your new employee and her/his superior build up trust and define common language, goals and work processes to prepare successful cooperation.

This will help your new hire and her/his superior to quickly build a productive and trustful working relationship that will safeguard your investment in the long term

Ready to make
intercultural hiring a success?


Because we are rooted in the cultures of Italy, Germany and China, our participants can open up easier to the cultural differences and sensibilities, and thanks to an asking attitude find common grounds and integrative solutions.

Because we actively pull uneasiness, misunderstandings and hidden questions into the open, transparency about expectations and differences evolves. Our participants develop a better understanding of unexpected behaviours and reactions: they find common grounds in language and action.

Because we focus on teaching how to make requirements and goals specific, expectations on both sides are aligned from the beginning, preventing confusion or disappointment down the road that will put your investment at risk.

Because we actively support new partners in their exchange about expectations, differences and sensitivities in their first steps, they quickly develop a harmonious and trusting collaboration.

Because everything is centred on creating a specific result in every step, your new hire will technically be qualified to fill the position and share your organisation’s values and culture and integrate with the surrounding work processes and ethics.

Do you want to ensure that your new employee can fulfil her/his task?

We provide an integrated solution from defining the position and its objectives to integrating the new employee into your workflow. As a result, you will hire people that fit in perfectly, shorten the training period and reduce turnover.

Do you want to cost-optimise the recruiting process for an employee in Italy?

We support you in defining transparent parameters and requirements from the beginning, resulting in a more streamlined and cost-efficient recruiting process, hiring and onboarding.

Do you want to safeguard your investment in a new hire?

We teach you how to define a role in technical skills and personality parameters to ensure that your new hire will perform perfectly in the context of your corporate culture. A more synergetic and productive collaboration for the long term will make hiring a success.

Others just love our leadership training

Don’t just take our word for it.
See for yourself why others trust Qianlead!

Working closely together with the expatriate legal representative of the Chinese branch, Hong delivered invaluable advice and insights to the board of directors, thus driving the decision making process in a challenging organizational setup. Together with top management, she identified obstacles to smooth collaboration between Europe and China, and proposed solutions based on her expert knowledge and practical experience that more often than not would be implemented later.

Alper Elbasi, Group VP HR Wagner Spraytech

In her time with Chassis Systems Control China, Hong Liu was responsible for setting up a new company in Chengdu for our business unit to enlarge ABS/ESP production under the “Go west” strategy in China. In close cooperation with the management she built up the staff and HR management system for this operation from scratch: within two years she set up a smoothly running operation of 400 employees and got certified by the company central audit with the excellent result of “no deviations” in HR area.


It was amazing to experience how this simple game became the foundation for a detailed analysis of behaviour and personality, leading the way to a deeper understanding of the needs and potentials of associates and managers


red flowers in tilt shift lens

Highly structured and logical but also patient and inspiring in her approach, Hong guided the plants’ top management from a situation of conflicting working styles and responsibilities to the definition and China-wide implementation of unified processes and quality standards in HR, including an overall personnel strategy and salary restructure, that allowed them to become more successful in the production process and to better benchmark with the market. She created sustainable results in the relatively short time that made the plants more competitive in the market and more efficient in the production.


black and blue wooden table

Personally, I liked the relaxed and playful atmosphere in the workshop that made it easy for me to follow the arguments and engage with the group and the trainer. In the workshop, I started reflecting on my attitude and style of communicating. Thanks to Stefan’s training, I improved my communication skills significantly, making it easier to get my message across and reach my objectives.


Hong Liu and Stefan Gliesche: Leadership Experts

   Leadership Experts.   

We designed this solution to make your hiring in Italy a success: it integrates all fundamental aspects of recruiting, hiring and onboarding in a unified process to ensure you not only select the fitting person but also create a strong bond that leads to a focused, respectful and productive collaboration.

Hong Liu is an experienced HR expert with more than ten years of proven track record in HR leadership and consulting for top executive level management in MNC. In her career, she was responsible for hiring and integrating more than 1000 new employees on all hierarchical levels, from assembly line worker to executive managers.

Stefan Gliesche is a certified management trainer and coach with more than 15 years of training experience in many European and Asian countries. As a native German based in Italy since 2007, he has proven his excellence in integrating multinational teams and guiding them in developing a common language for efficient cooperation.

They have been working for international brands like Bosch, Engel & Völkers, Lapp Group, Philips, S.C.Johnson, Telefonica, Wagner Spraytech, and will thanks to their profound practical experience make your intercultural hiring a success.

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Here are the top 5 reasons why clients chose us for their change projects: 

  1. LASTING RESULTS We use existing systems and structures in the company to leverage our training’s effect. This systemic approach integrates the new with the old, creating an environment that makes real change possible and stimulates continuous improvement.
  2. ENGAGING SESSIONS We know how the brain works. We base our training designs on this knowledge, resulting in active engagement in the sessions. The concentrated work to improve oneself will lead to valuable take-aways that will result in tangible successes back in the office.
  3. MEASURABLE IMPROVEMENT We defined measurable quality levels for all relevant leadership skills. As a result, you can track growing skillsets and enable HR to include observable criteria for soft skills in the performance rating.
  4. CREDIBLE MOTIVATION We only do what we believe in — and it shows. We believe that being authentic and passionate is the key to success in training and leadership. And we walk the talk — this is why our participants regularly fully buy-in and take high motivation back to the office.
  5. PREDICTABLE INVESTMENT We believe in full transparency of costs and services. As a result, our clients appreciate our invoices’ clarity: the amount due is the exact amount agreed upon before, even if the program slightly changed over time.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to invest in selection and onboarding support by Qianlead.
It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a complete solution or just dedicated support on a single topic: let’s talk and find out how we can make your hiring in Italy a success!