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Remember the beauty

Remember the beauty. 

Of life. Of places. Of people.


Remember the joy. 

Of feeling the warm sun on your skin.
Of smelling the salty wind in your hair.
Of receiving unconditional friendship.


Remember to embrace. 

Life with all its opportunities.
People with all their peculiarities.
Situations with all their mixed messages.


Remember to be yourself.

Believe in who you are.
Believe in what you stand for.
Believe in your power to create.


Remember to give abundantly.

Be humble. Be free. Be useful.

An inspiring leader guides by listening, supports by asking, encourages by stepping back.

You can be an inspiring leader, and you can change the world. Step by step. By empowering one discouraged or disenchanted person at a time.

Inspiring leadership is an essential service to society. We will need it, more than ever, once the worst will be over.

Remember the beauty of humanity. It’s worth investing in people.


By Stefan Gliesche

Stefan is an internationally renowned expert in coaching and training for business leaders and professionals: if you are leading people he’s the perfect choice to develop your individual peak performance in leadership, in complete harmony with your personal character and style. For more than 15 years he’s been working successfully with entrepreneurs, executive officers, and managers in Europe and Asia to build up strong, authentic and inspiring communication and leadership skills.