S.C. Johnson: Hong’s contribution through these workshops made whole teams more productive and created a great value to the plants

Photo by Hannah Xu

As Senior Director Human Resources for SC Johnson (Shanghai) Ltd. I would like to share with you how impressed I was with the performance of Hong Liu in the role of Manager HR Business Partner, Manufacture, Greater China.

In her time with SC Johnson Shanghai, Hong Liu was responsible for seting up unified, efficient HR processes for the plants in Shanghai and Changzhou with it s ca. 1.150 employees in total as well as creating and designing the Associate Manager Development Program (ASCENT) for the whole Asia-Pacific region in the function of project leader and head trainer.

Higly structured and logical but also patient and inspiring in her approach, Hong guided the plants’ top management from a situation of conflicting working styles and responsibilities to the definition and China-wide implementation of unified processes and quality standards in HR, including an overall personnel strategy and salary restructure, that allowed them to become more successful in the production process and to better benchmark with the market. She created sustainable results in relatively short time that made the plants more competitive in the market and more efficient in the production.

In this process her moderating and training skills came in very handy: quickly managers started to actively request her management review and team-building sessions to better understand their associates’ needs, develop innovative ideas and render the collaboration in their team more effective. Hong’s contribution through these workshops made whole teams more productive and created a great value to the plants.

Her legacy in the company will be the Associate Manager Development Program (ASCENT) Asia Pacific though: after a spectacular first round with extremely positive feedback from participants and their superiors from countries as diverse as China PR, India and Malaysia, we decided to make this training program mandatory for all new managers. From the first ideas to the final program, Hong inspired, trained and enabled all country HR managers from the Asia Pacific region, developed the training materials and worked out the rollout plan for each country. And finally she shared her experience in delivering interactive workshops in a train the trainer session with the managers who would then deliver the different sessions – building them up into passionate, proud and convincing moderators who delivered powerful sessions that not only educated but also inspired our new leaders to fill our company culture with life.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank Hong for her highly professional, passionate and valuable contribution she made to our company. It’s been an absolute pleasure working together with her, and I can only advice you to use the opportunity to profit from her immense competence and knowledge. 

Tao Fang

Senior HR Director, S.C. Johnson, Shanghai

By Qianlead Team

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