Unleash the hidden potential in your management team: investing in leadership trainings for your management team will pay off in many ways . We have the training programs that will provide your management team with powerful tools to become more effective leaders.

Strategic training to create effective leadership

Throughout the six-month program, your core management team will learn to implement six key aspects of leadership. We combine strategy training units that prepare the implementation of an empowering corporate culture in harmony with the organisation’s strategic objectives by using effective HR tools with leadership workshops and individual coaching sessions that develop individual mananagers into inspiring leaders by applying powerful leadership skills. In this unique combination our training program will result in a system of mutual reinforcement, increasing motivation and productivity in the long run.

Each month, you will explore togethter with your Qianlead Coaches one of these six topics:

  • translate the company vision into specific and understandable processes and roles
  • create the environment for enthusiastic, effective and efficient collaboration
  • enter into the mentality of the leader
  • be recognized as a leader – and how to be followed
  • guide people so that they commit
  • develop your staff’s full potential

To be complemented with these elements if applicable:

  • find and choose fitting talents
  • align the system of salaries, bonuses and incentives with the strategic objectives of the company
  • guide employees to peak efficiency and productivity
  • develop a team to its maximum effectiveness in collaboration
  • lead a team in a way that consistently delivers results

The training course is managed by certified Qianlead Coaches, all of whom have extensive practical experience in their trade. Each module is composed of moments of learning and training in groups, and complemented by an individual session for each participant to adapt the learning to their individual way. All topics in the modules are based on well-defined skills, structures and processes, allowing you to monitor immediately the improvements that were achieved.

I wanted to congratulate you on the course, on how brilliantly you were able to develop the subject in workshop and in-depth sessions, always intense but very stimulating.
The topics were argued and explained well, both with examples and with your own experience, which made the 4 days of training a unique moment of exchange of reciprocal experiences and skills, and also of discoveries. You proved to be very competent not only in the subject matter, but also in others in which you skillfully transmitted your personal contribution in a very simple and spontaneous way. You were able to manage the participants’ times and moods in a firm and determined manner, avoiding off-topics and always maintaining a high level of concentration. The workshops were experienced as moments of aggregation and team-building amongst the participants.
At the end of the training course you were able to understand and highlight the critical issues encountered during the training days and to propose topics for further development in line with our company’s reality, in a proactive and growth-oriented way.

Cristina Valentini

Heidelberg Italia Srl
HR Supervisor

Using the inspiration to improve results forever

If you are ambitious and want to grow your company, the skills and philosophies taught by Qianlead Leadership Training will be essential to your success. No matter if you’re trying to improve the morale of your employees, increase their productivity and quality of work, or the profitability of the company, the key factor is always the management team: because only if they are able to inspire, focus and motivate their colleagues, goals that still seem impossible today can become the new ordinary of tomorrow.

That’s why it’s well worth investing in your management team: otherwise you run the risk of losing your most important talents, since an environment where development opportunities are lacking is the dominant reason why people leave a company. But not only will you succeed in retaining the people who represent the future of your company – you will also see measurable improvements in productivity, motivation, and the quality of collaboration in a more energetic, harmonious, and creative environment.


We offer you the most effective training possible: proven strategies and tools, rooted in a single, highly inspiring leadership philosophy, ready to be applied immediately. Because the easier the first step will be, the more probably you will make it.


Knowledge is only part of the success though – you also need inspiration, commitment, and the drive to apply what you’ve learned: the reason why Qianlead always connects knowledge with action, thus enabling it for daily use.


Qianlead continuosly pushes you yo put the learned into practice, thus initiating a noticeable change. You will develop the skills until they become part of your identity: this is the evolution of a genuinely inspiring leader.

Qianlead Essentials

The six-month program to transform the core management team in a company into its essential source of ispiration, motivation and productivity

Fusion Elements

Training modules that each address an essential aspect of leadership. Consisting of group learning experiences and individual sessions, they create an environment in which everyone can find their own way to apply powerful leadership skills in their personal work environment.

Individual Programs

Your Qianlead Coach will evaluate your individual situation and customize the training program to the exact needs of your situation: the focus on the relevant skills required to achieve your goals will result in concrete and immediately applicable improvements.



Ready to change your leadership for real?

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