Create an extraordinary experience for your organization that inspires and encourages them to actually change: starting with themselves, their own habits and behaviour, participants will return to the office full of enthusiasm, new ideas and actionable solutions. Our events are an ideal opportunity to align a group or launch a new business strategy.

Attractive events that inspire leaders in SMEs

All successful leaders share one important characteristic: a strong passion. For their project, for their people, to become the best version of themselves. They are driven by their need to realize their visions and achieve their goals, while maintaining a high level of quality, effectiveness, and energy. Specifically for them we have created our engaging Keynote presentations, our events to stimulate the exchange of ideas, our workshop-style conferences: we know that opportunities to meet other leaders and influencers are precious, because they stimulate the mind and encourage the exchange of ideas in an exclusive circle of people.

The presentation was perfectly suited to the needs of our company. Mr. Gliesche involved and inspired our employees with his great passion for leadership and for the people attending, and intrigued and encouraged them to try new approaches that have already begun to positively influence our company culture.

Karolin Schaffner


Events leading to tangible changes

Total commitment to creating inspiring leadership: evolving a respectful attitude that will result in trusting collaboration and teaching effective skills that will lead to visible results – the essence of a profound professional experience, translated into a clear and easy to implement system.


We offer you the most effective training possible: proven strategies and tools, rooted in a single, highly inspiring leadership philosophy, ready to be applied immediately. Because the easier the first step will be, the more probably you will make it.


Knowledge is only part of the success though – you also need inspiration, commitment, and the drive to apply what you’ve learned: the reason why Qianlead always connects knowledge with action, thus enabling it for daily use.


Qianlead continuosly pushes you yo put the learned into practice, thus initiating a noticeable change. You will develop the skills until they become part of your identity: this is the evolution of a genuinely inspiring leader.

Leadership Lab

Let’s meet to discuss a leadership topic: we will spend a pleasant afternoon of fruitful discussion with experts in their respective fields of competence in the breathtaking environment of our Ligurian uliveto in La Spezia.
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A stimulating and interactive experience for your event, which from the first moment will activate everyone: not only curiosity, laughter and new discoveries – but also valuable impulses to directly put into practice the next day.

Open Space Event

A non-conference conference that activates participants to interact, reflect, contribute: ideal for aligning staff in the company, for collecting new ideas – and for many other occasions.




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