HR Consulting (Daily Rate)

 1.800,00 + IVA

One day of highly efficient consulting on strategic and structural topics in Human Resources with a Qianlead Consultant to better understand your individual situation with its risks and resulting consequences, to optimize or define strategies and processes, and to develop actionable solutions that will help you make the HR department a more valuable asset in your company

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Together with your Qianlead Consultant you raise the topics you need to better understand or find a sustainable strategy for: deep insights and sophisticated and at the same time actionable solutions will allow you to successfully tackle challenging situations like the development and implementation of a sustainable HR strategy after a merger or take over; the setup of a new HR department to professionally develop your staff in the future; the optimization of your HR management system with its processes and dependencies. Or simply to get one specific topic implemented or reviewed in your company, like its organizational structure, recruiting, the onboarding process and experience, the system of performance reviews, talent management, the salary structure and the career system for example. Or just to make cooperation with line management more effective, and to perfectly partner those in the company who generate its income.

Once you share your goal with us, we will together define how to verify the success of our collaboration: it’s up to you if the result should be a strategy, a process, or its implementation – or all of them together.

To integrate the solution to be designed harmoniously into the bigger picture of your company’s vision and reality, interviews and questionnaires with groups of stakeholders will help your Qianlead Consultant to better understand the situation as well as the requirements for a solution, and allow for a made-to-measure approach that will fit you, your department, and your whole organization: by empowering key people with solutions made for you, together with you, and connected to your reality that will allow you to create the environment for long-lasting success.

**This service includes:**

  • Preparation by way of an online questionnaire, including the definition of your goals for the consulting
  • Synopsis of the topic, the consulting goals and the defined approach in your private online academy page, including a first estimate for the investment expected to be needed to reach the defined goals
  • 1 day (8 working hours) consulting session
  • Developed solutions, documentation and accompanying materials rendered available in your private online academy page

**This service does not include:**

  • Travel from/to the consulting destination: please book 1 (one) applicable Travel Package or arrange with the consultant for a travel solution paid for directly by the customer
  • Overnight stay at the consulting destination: please arrange with the consultant for accommodation paid for directly by the customer
  • Training location and basic training materials (boards, flipcharts, …): please coordinate directly with the consultant to create an inspiring and motivating working environment

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