Hong Liu

Good HR systems are the leverage for great business results

Hong Liu is an experienced HR expert with more than 10 years of proven track record in HR leadership as well as consulting for top executive level management in MNC in both B2B and B2C industries. Her profound experience as a strategic HR leader in highly challenging situations like start-up of a whole new organisation, post merger integration, or clean-up after an unsuccessful transformation render her unique in the market.

Her clients value most her quick understanding of the overall situation and its flaws, the analytical capacity in developing efficient processes to reach the desired outcome, and her systemic approach that aligns those solutions with the company’s needs and vision while her participants highly appreciate her amazing knowledge and experience, her easy to implement solutions, and her bold and clear way of working.

Highly structured and logical, but also patient and inspiring in her approach, Hong guided the plants’ top management from a situation of conflicting working styles and responsibilities to the definition and China-wide implementation of unified processes and quality standards in HR, including an overall personnel strategy and salary restructure, that allowed them to become more successful in the production process and to better benchmark with the market. She created sustainable results in relatively short time that made the plants more competitive in the market and more efficient in the production. 
In this process her moderating and training skills came in very handy: quickly managers started to actively request her management review and team-building sessions to better understand their associates’ needs, develop innovative ideas and render the collaboration in their team more effective. Hong’s contribution through these workshops made whole teams more productive and created a great value to the plants. 

Tao Fang

Tao Fang

Senior HR Director
S.C. Johnson

At Qianlead she is responsible for designing, developing and delivering programs on HR strategies and processes, talent management, salary structure and incentives, as well as for efficient recruiting.

Creating the environment for inspiring leadership

When asking Hong to share with you her recipe for successful business ventures, she will talk about consistent culture, strategy and organisational structures, aligned with a powerful company vision that gives direction. For her it’s a colossal waste of energy that so many companies are investing lots of efforts and resources in developing ambitious strategies, complex organisational structures and fancy people projects with little or no return, because the change they paid for just doesn’t happen. In the market though, no step forward means one step back – with fatal consequences. For a mathematician by training like Hong, the obvious solution is to find the formula that connects the actual situation with the desired outcome: interconnecting all these isolated projects, demanding responsibility for results in line with global planning, and creating an inspiring environment in which ideas lead to real change that moves the business forward, step by step.

Hong has the experience to successfully guide you on this way: eight years working for Bosch in China as HR manager confronted her with all of the most challenging situations HR management has to offer. In her first position, she was responsible to lead a post-merger integration with the added difficulty of conflicting business cultures of a U.S. company with a German company. Her next job brought her to the “wild west” of China: together with the Plant Manager she built up the staff for an ABS/ESP production plant: within two years from zero to a smoothly running operation of 450 employees, most of them highly qualified engineers and technicians – quite a feat for working in the then less developed talent market of Chengdu. Next, a change of perspective: as internal consultant with specialisation on the topics of leadership and working culture at the Chinese headquarters in Shanghai she advised the regional president and his team in change processes, introduced leadership-related tools to enhance the productivity in teams and departments, and led feedback sessions to management as well as workshops on intercultural communications, basic moderation skills or strategy building in China and Germany for Bosch Training Center.

In 2017, after she had successfully developed the Chinese HR strategy and roadmap as Director HR China for Wagner Spraytech, she decided to completely focus on consulting work and bringing her incredible knowledge and experience to organisations that want to grow sustainably and profitably. Thanks to her profound hands-on experience of every aspect in a company, she developed sharp eyes and deep insights into how a business works: from strategy to talent management to process – she’s able to quickly figure out why results are not coming in and where the root cause for it can be found. And then she’s really good at finding the solution for this equation – because that’s what mathematicians do.

Creating the system that allows everyone to lead associates to their success

Hong’s work is setting the framework for others to become successful in their roles: her approach evolved over the years of building her career in strategic positions for multinational corporations, picking the best concepts from training and work experience and merging it into a systemic solution. She strongly believes that every system should respect and stimulate the people working in it. Because when we work in a motivating environment, extraordinary results comes easy.

Hong Liu earned the following academic grades and certificates amongst others:

  • Bachelor of Science – Applied Mathematics by Dalian University
  • Master of Arts – Enterprise Management by Suzhou University
  • Process Consultancy by SYNNECTA GmbH
  • Strategic Success Drivers in Company Culture by Bridge
  • Partnership for Bridging Culture: intercultural Leadership by Intelligence

and successfully completed advanced training courses on Change Management (SYNNECTA), Conflict Management (Learning Alliance), Moderation and Facilitation (Bosch Training Center), Presentation Skills (ClarkMorgan), Visual Thinking & Graphic Facilitation (Visual Bubble), and keeps continuously improving her expert qualification.


By Qianlead Team

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