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I wanted to compliment you on the Fit4Sales training course, on how you were able to manage such a large group of participants (more than 20), on how you were able to brilliantly develop the theme during the workshop and follow-up sessions, always intense but very stimulating.
The topics were well presented and well explained with examples but also with your personal experience: that made the 4 days of training a moment of exchange of mutual experiences and skills, and also of discoveries.
You proved to be very competent not only in the subject matter, but also in others in which you skillfully transmitted your personal contribution in a very simple and spontaneous way.
You were able to manage the participants’ times and moods in a firm and determined manner, avoiding off-topics and always maintaining a high level of concentration.
The workshops, which you have well guided by defining ways and terms, have been experienced as moments of aggregation and team-building not only among the participants but also with the management team.
At the end of the seminar, you were able to understand and highlight the critical issues encountered during the training days and to propose topics for further study and development in line with our company reality, in a proactive and growth-oriented manner.
For this I thank you again and I hope to start new and future collaborations.

Cristina Valentini

HR Supervisor, Heidelberg Italia Srl


By Qianlead Team

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