Changing the system by working on every angle

Qianlead Fusion is designed to work with an interconnected mix of methods on all aspects that can help create inspiring leadership: it’s a systematic change process to bring a company’s global vision to life by evolving its mangers into a highly effective team of inspiring leaders. To achieve this objective, we integrate skills-oriented leadership and recruiting training with strategic leadership coaching and consulting for the Human Resources department. This systemic approach will result in an inspiring environment with a motivating working culture, that will quickly become tangible for every single associate.

Qianlead Fusion Elements

Taking a global view on leadership, we integrate three key tasks of strategic people development into one approach:

  • Find & Select Talent: We support you by developing a sustainable recruiting strategy. We guide you to build up an efficient hiring process, from the job descriptions, cooperation with headhunters, to the preselection based on a curriculum and the interview with the final decision. And we train the skills to make your hiring a success.
  • Develop Leadership Skills: We build up inspiring and efficient leaders with well-developed and measurable leadership skills like coaching and feedback, moderation or resolution of conflicts, by working on their attitude, ambition and abilities.
  • Retain High Performers: We support you in developing a consistent HR strategy to identify talent and high performers early on and to bind them to the company with an attractive compensation strategy, individual career opportunities, incentives and much more.

Because every situation is particular, Qianlead Fusion can easily be tailored to the specific needs of your company: only after a profound analysis of the leadership quality, of values and strategies, we will recommend a training system individually built from Qianlead Fusion training elements and, if required, specially developed additional sessions. Thus, it will at the same time focus on your company’s needs, require minimum development costs and be ready to launch in only few weeks’ time. In other words, with Qianlead Fusion it is easy, cost-efficient and quick to start building up an inspiring leadership team that will change your company forever.

The personalised learning experience: learn to do, your way.

Behaviour is always rooted in the motivation: only what we’re passionate about will really happen. Do a brief reality check: how did your last New Year’s Resolutions work out? To assume, that objectives in business life could be any different from New Year’s Resolutions would be totally crazy. This is why all our trainings are built around the Qianlead Success Triangle, using each participant’s personal characteristics, motivation & believes and knowledge & abilities as leverage for change. Granted, it takes a bit more effort. But it is so much more effective: because when you believe in what you’re about to change in your behaviour, then you will continue doing so even when no trainer or superior is watching.

Everyone is different: different skill sets, different experiences, different personalities. In the classic training approach though one goal, one methodology, one workshop should fit for all. Of course this can’t bring the desired results: diverse people need individual adaptions to better understand why an approach is beneficial to them and how to apply it in daily life. To enable every single participant to create her/his individual success story, we always combine group training elements with individual sessions: that means everyone can find her/his personal “translation” from training room exercise to implementation in daily life. Learning gets easy this way: visible results come quickly and keep coming in – because everything is rooted in your very own personality.

Sustainable change doesn’t happen in a day though: it takes 2 to 3 months of continuous doing to alter a habit or to create a new one. As a consequence, our training projects will take from a few months to a year to achieve the training goals we defined together in its beginning. By fusing together different methods into one consistent solution we make the trainings incredibly efficient: it allows us to use the most effective learning method for every single result to be achieved. By continuously reiterating the core learnings in future sessions we support the transformation of freshly learned behaviour into the new standards: it makes the change we thrive to achieve sustainable. By ensuring ongoing support for the project leader as well as for the participants even in between the sessions we continuously keep the the learned skills active and develop them further even when no trainer is on site.

Persisting change that causes continuing growth

Passion, commitment, skills – three basic factors for enhancing productivity and innovation in a company. Inspiring leadership is the fuel for all of them: because it empowers people by letting them choose their destiny, empowers labor by emphasising individual responsibility, empowers creativity and competence by giving trust and support. Yet in most companies the quality of leadership is not continuously measured. We believe it’s time for a change: because a successful evolution of the leadership skills can very well be measured by observing and rating a candidate’s behaviour and his peers’ reactions to it. So we analysed and defined essential skills of leadership, and made them assessable by describing the underlying behaviour and its effect on others. This allows not only to track developments resulting from Qianlead Fusion, it will also become an indispensable tool in the long-term improvement of your managers’ leadership skills and thus your company’s culture.

We are well aware of the fact that the biggest work will have to be done after the training project is successfully concluded: then it will be the participants’ turn to implement the newly learned approach. Qianlead Fusion is designed from the very first beginning with this challenge in mind: because it is a system of interconnected training sessions stretching over months, it will sustainably change attitudes and behaviours already while the program is still running, and as a result solidly prepare your managers for the time after. Visible changes will already happen in and after the first training session though, because every module has a clearly defined training goal with specific tasks to be immediately implemented in real life.

With every new session a few new skills will be added step by step, while the old learnings get repeated and trained continuously. Over time the leadership capacity improves, once new approaches, attitudes and strategies become the new standard, and the power to motivate and develop others grows. When the program ends, a deep understanding for the leader’s role and her/his responsibility has evolved. As have the skills to fill this role with life. You’re witnessing an inspiring leader in the making.