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Inspiring leadership is the deciding factor for success or failure, because even the most innovative idea will not transform itself into a bestselling product if the management cannot inspire the whole workforce to willingly contribute their part: but even though 97% of managers see themselves as strong leaders, according to the Gallup Engagement Index only 20% of their associates feel motivated by their superiors.

Just imagine the unused energy a skilled leader could unleash: it’s quite obvious that the quality of leadership is the most relevant area of improvement in most organisations. At the same time it’s the investment with the highest RoI: because once managers embrace the change and associates develop the trust to fully commit, a sustainable stream of inspiration will lead to more productivity, more innovation and more profit.

We developed Qianlead7 as a management training with actionable learnings for every step alogn the way, rooted deeply in a systemic leadership philosophy that concentrates on empowerment: by teaching the mindset and the skills you need to lead everyone in your team to their peak performance.

Qianlead7 is the safe and trusted approach in Italy and China to transform your business into a state-of-the-art organisation pushed forward by inspiring leadership: using this complete solution for SMEs you can radically change your company’s leadership system within 4 to 12 months to prepare it for the callenges of the VUCA world. Guided by shared values and a clear vision, based on effective structures and processes, and supported by the sustainable development of talent in the company, the management team will then take the whole company to a new level of motivation, collaboration, and productivity.

The Qianlead Advantage

Inspiring Leadership can be learned: by working on your attitude and skills, and strongly rooting them in your personality

We’re passionate about achieving results: you will benefit from our systemic approach because we enrich an existing environment with a holistic solution composed of soft skills training, performance management and people development. As a result already after a very short time you will experience a change towards more authentic motivation; more focused collaboration; more goals achieved – which in today’s challenging environment might become the deciding factor for staying competitive.

We’re passionate about empowering people: you will benefit from our personality-centered approach because every participant will develop a particular implementation of the skills an methods. To achieve this objective we integrate group learning experiences with individual coaching and training-on-the-job sessions. As a result already after the completion of the first training cycle you will experience a tangible change in attitude and behaviour, leading to first observable successes.

We’re passionate about enabling performance: you will benefit from the consistent methodical and ethical foundation of all our training and consulting activities, because this common leadership philosophy will become the foundation for a more trusting and empowering collaboration in the organisation. We focus on personality and attitude as firm foundation for a leader’s development first, and only then on measurable leadership skills that can be learned, trained and assessed. As a result they will start to create a supportive working environment in which harmonious collaboration, focused motivation and passionate creativity can thrive.

5 Results of Management Training with the Qianlead7 System



Because leaders include employees actively in the company vision, as a part of the team they feel more responsible for their personal goals. As a result, they will work with more passion and quality, and in line with the needs of the entire company.



Because leaders actively develop team collaboration, they find the right role for each individual component. In this way they create the context for respectful cooperation based on shared goals, leading to more productivity in the team but also beyond.



Because leaders lead by objectives, they reward what delivers results and support where skills are lacking. As a result, everyone assumes the responsibility for their commitments, leading to outstanding results.



Because leaders develop the full potential of all employees, work becomes a stimulating challenge in which high-performance employees feel appreciated. As a result, the most promising talents will remain in the company to pursue their careers, while also attracting other high potentials.



Because the CEO and the management team create an environment of transparent and efficient processes, with clear and respected responsibilities and goal-oriented development support for each individual employee, everyone will be more aligned and committed to generating more revenue .

The Qianlead Trainer Team

The Boutique Leadership Training Company

No compromises: always the original, always full commitment, always the best quality

Hong Liu and Stefan Gliesche, both recognised experts of their professions, are the hearts and brains behind Qianlead: together they developed the Qianlead7 approach for business leaders from their profound experience in management and training for brands like Apple, Bosch, Engel & Völkers, Lapp Group, S.C.Johnson, Telefonica, Wagner Spraytech and many others.

With the Qianlead7 management training system they have created the training curriculum to fulfill their vision of empowering leadership rooted in assessable skills and respectful collaboration.

Their practical experience in the diverse environments of corporations in Europe and Asia as well as a strong theoretical background have become the solid foundation of a training system that systematically develops managers to leadership mastery.

Systematically build up skills.

Successful implementation in the work environment 
 thanks to structured methods and 1on1 sessions

The Qianlead7 Skills: Great Leadership Can Be Learned

The 7 essential skills every people manager needs to master to become successful

Our goal is to make learning as simple as possible: because we want to become the catalyst for real, tangible change in our clients’ daily woring environment. As a resullt, our whole training approach ebraces the philosophy of simplicity on every level: we have rigorously reduced complexity and focused on the essence of relevant information to implement a clear, powerful and essential vision of leadership.

We define leadership as a competence to create the desired result in 7 key areas, all of them supporting the central goal: inspire people to commit their full potentiality to achieving the organisation’s strategic objectives. 

In a modern company a leader has 3 core tasks:

  • to unite people behind a bigger goal or vision and to define the processes of collaboration to achieve this goal
  • to create a results-focused, and at the same time motivating working environment
  • and to systematically develop every associate as well as the whole team to sustainable peak performance.

Like for any other task you need to build up competencies if you efficiently want to master it: and that’s the good news. Because like any other skill, inspiring leadership is not given by nature but developed over time. With Qianlead7 we have developed a management training system for systematically teaching and training the essential skills that will make the difference between a good manager and a great leader.

The Success Triangle: Learning on Three Levels

Every change in behaviour starts with a change in the mindset

The goal ofevery investment in training is a permanent change in behaviours. But every observable change of behavior starts from an invisible change of mind: because only what we believe in will really happen when nobody is controlling. Do a brief reality check: how did your last New Year’s Resolutions work out? To assume, that objectives in business life could be any different from New Year’s Resolutions would be totally crazy. If you really want to initiate change, you need to first win the hearts, then train the hands, and make sure that it is soundly anchored in values and beliefs to make it last.

This is why all our trainings are built around the Qianlead Success Triangle: working not only skills and kowledge but also including a person’s characterisitcs, motivations and beliefs into the approach leads to a significantly higher commitment to implement the learnings after the training. That results in an important part of the sessions being used to align about values, goals and processes – but also a significantly higher learning efficiency in the parts dedicated to acquire new skills.

Granted, it takes a bit more effort. But it is so much more effective: because when you believe in what you’re supposed to change in your approach, then you will continue doing so even when no trainer or superior is watching.

The Qianlead Flow: Learn to Do, Your Way

The skillful combination of various training methods leads to more value for the euro

Because every situation is particular, Qianlead7 can easily be tailored to the specific needs of your company: only after a profound analysis of the leadership quality, of values and strategies, we will recommend a training system individually built from Qianlead7 training elements and, if required, specially developed additional sessions. Thus, it will at the same time focus on your company’s needs, require minimum development costs and be ready to launch in only a few weeks’ time. In other words, with Qianlead7 it is easy, cost-efficient and quick to start building up an inspiring leadership team that will change your company forever.

We are well aware of the fact that the biggest work will have to be done once a training project is successfully concluded: because then it will be the participants’ turn to implement the newly learned approach. Qianlead7 is designed from the very first beginning with this challenge in mind: because it is a system of interconnected training sessions stretching over months, it will sustainably change attitudes and behaviours already while the program is still running, and as a result solidly prepare your managers for the time after.

Visible changes will already happen in and after the first training session though, because every Qianlelad Element has a clearly defined training goal with specific tasks to be immediately implemented in real life. With every new session a few new skills will be added step by step, while the old learnings get repeated and trained continuously. Over time the leadership capacity improves, once new approaches, attitudes and strategies become the new standard, and the power to motivate and develop others grows.

Once the program ends, a deep understanding for the leader’s role and her/his responsibility has evolved. As have the skills to fill this role with life. You’re witnessing an inspiring leader in the making.

Make it happen.

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We want to get the job done – the most rewarding result for our work is to see the change we initiated in the training materialise itself in real life. And this is recognised by our clients: they trust us, because immediately after the first workshop they already observe first changes in attitude and behaviour. And experience how these changes mature over time into powerful skills of their management team to inspire, to lead, and to motivate their staff. 

Here are their top 5 reasons, why they chose us for their change projects: 

  1. Lasting results: we use existing systems and structures in the company to leverage our training’s effect. This systemic approach integrates the new with the old, creating an environment that makes real change possible and stimulates continuous improvement.
  2. Engaging sessions: we know how the brain works, and we make use of it in our training design. As a result, participants actively engage in the sessions, work concentratedly on their individual improvement and bring back valuable take-aways to their workplace.
  3. Measurable improvement: we defined measurable quality levels for all relevant leadership skills. This allows for the tracking of growing skill sets and enables managers to include observable criteria for soft skills in the performance rating.
  4. Credible motivation: we only do what we believe in – and It shows. We believe that being authentic and passionate is the key to success in training and leadership. And we walk the talk – this is why our participants regularly fully buy in and take high motivation back to the office.
  5. Predictable investment: we believe in full transparency of costs and services. As a result our clients appreciate the clarity of our invoices: the amount due is the exact amount agreed upon before, even if the program slightly changed over time.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to invest in leadership training with Qianlead. But we want to make it even easier for you to decide weather our solution fits your need: let’s talk and find out – with a training expert, not a sales person. No strings attached.

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