Experts for inspiring leadership

Qianlead has its roots in the Chinese 潜力 (qián lì – potentiality), which literally translated means „the hidden power.“ Combined with the English word „to lead“, it perfectly describes the philosophy and purpose of our training system: to develop the hidden power of leadership latently existing in everyone into an artful skill readily available when needed.

Inspiring leadership is one of the deciding factors for success or failure, because even the most innovative idea will not transform itself into a bestselling product if the management cannot inspire the whole workforce to contribute their part.

That’s why we are passionate about great leadership: we focus on personality and attitude as firm foundation for a leader’s development first, and only then on measurable leadership skills that can be learned, trained and assessed. We’re developing not only the individual manager though: by working on the company’s culture we encourage the development of a supportive environment in which real leadership, motivation and creativity can thrive. And by structuring the recruiting process and developing the necessary skills to select the fitting candidates for key positions we make sure that available talent fits the company’s needs. Taken together this becomes a solid foundation to systematically develop a management team to leadership mastery.

The Boutique Leadership Training Company

Hong Liu and Stefan Gliesche, both recognised experts of their professions, are the hearts and brains behind Qianlead: together we developed the Qianlead approach for business leaders from our profound experience in management and training for brands like Apple, Bosch, Engel & Völkers, Lapp Group, S.C.Johnson, Telefonica, Wagner Spraytech and others. Actually, only in the combination of a management trainer together with an HR director we could come up with a systemic approach like the Qianlead System: by bringing together our diverse professional experiences we developed a much broader view on how to lastingly support, influence and form highly qualified professionals in their evolution from management to an inspiring and highly effective leadership team.

For us it was a very conscious decision to remain agile, small and exclusive: because we want to make sure that our clients have exactly the experience we prepared for them. Because it allows us to select only the clients we can be passionate about and to say “no” when we don’t believe in a project. And because we believe that who books us should not have just any trainer or consultant on the stage, but always the expert they are paying for.

That means we might be too small to back a global change project in a multinational corporation – but it also means we can quickly deploy individually adapted solutions that will make the desired changes really happen, and take the time to fully understand the situation, to successfully support and guide our chosen clients with all our experience and expertise to the results we agreed upon.

Tangible change in the leadership culture

We want to get the job done – the most rewarding result for our work is to see the change we initiated in a workshop materialise in real life. And this is recognised by our clients: they trust us, because immediately after the first workshop they already observe first changes in attitude and behaviour. And experience how these changes mature over time into enabling the full potentiality of their management team to inspire, to lead, and to motivate their staff.

Here are their top 5 reasons, why they chose us for their change projects:

  1. Lasting results: we use existing systems and structures in the company to leverage our training’s effect. This systemic approach integrates the new with the old, creating an environment that makes real change possible and stimulates continuous improvement.
  2. Engaging sessions: we know how the brain works, and we make use of it in our training design. As a result, participants actively engage in the sessions, work concentratedly on their individual improvement and bring back valuable take-aways to their workplace.
  3. Measurable improvement: we defined measurable quality levels for all relevant leadership skills. This allows for the tracking of growing skill sets and enables managers to include observable criteria for soft skills in the performance rating.
  4. Credible motivation: we only do what we believe in – and It shows. We believe that being authentic and passionate is the key to success in training and leadership. And we walk the talk – this is why our participants regularly fully buy in and take high motivation back to the office.
  5. Predictable investment: we believe in full transparency of costs and services. As a result our clients appreciate the clarity of our invoices: the amount due is the exact amount agreed upon before, even if the program slightly changed over time.

Great leadership is the key to a company’s success: we are well aware of our responsibility. That’s why we do our very best every single day to fully deliver on our promise.