FOCUS ON PRODUCTIVITY: Learn to create an inclusive team environment that enhances group productivity through support for individual success and well-being

The Focus of this Qianlead Element

A self-motivated worker gets the job done – even if no one else is watching: align the needs and goals of your associates with your own strategic and operational goals to tap into their intrinsic motivation and as a consequence to delegate in an engaging way that reliably delivers results

  • Understand the principles and mechanisms for engaging delegation
  • Learn to actively read and unserstand your associates’ driving forces to include them in your motivational strategy
  • Analyze the current situation in your team to evolve individual expertise into smooth collaboration
  • Learn to use use principles of sharing, asking and listening to agree on common goals while leaving ample room for individual creativity
  • Use the engaging delegation technique to make sure the collaboration results into the desired outcome

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By Qianlead Team

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