FOCUS ON SHIPPING: Learn to empower individuals to contribute productively to the team’s results while maintaining  the focus on strategic objectives

The Focus of this Qianlead Element

Success means delivering the promised outcome: compartmentalize an objective into distinct areas of responsibility to empower your team by focussing on tangible results, and to motivate with demo meetings to reliably deliver the results as promised

  • Understand the relevance of priorities and focus for achieving challenging results
  • Learn to use the Product to Market Approach to focus the productive energy on achieving tangible results
  • Use Feature Teams and Creative Challenges to activate the team’s full potential of creativity and problem solving
  • Implement agile strategies and cooperative collaboration to make best use of the talent available
  • Create connections for your team within the whole organisation to integrate your unit’s productivity into the bigger picture of the company’s mission

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By Qianlead Team

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