ENABLE SYNERGIES: Learn to strategically develop your team in line with a clear vision that leads to efficient and functions-based collaboration

The Focus of this Qianlead Element

Effective collaboration is the key to a team’s success: define the purpose and performance benchmarks for every position to create a productive working environment that integrates different personalities into one functioning unit, and turn disagreements into team cohesion

  • Understand the value every associate contributes to the team, its internal dynamics and how influence it to increase the performance
  • Learn to unambiguously define the purpose and performance benchmarks for every position to render processes more fluid and achieve results-oriented collaboration
  • Create a Team Map that visualizes tasks, interfaces and relationships to better understand the interdependencies, performance reservoirs and possible risks for conflicts
  • Learn to influence individual associates in a way that prevents conflics and aligns on the purpose
  • Learn to use moderation techniques to solve conflics and balance conflicting interests to align the team behind its purpose

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By Qianlead Team

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