Qianlead Essentials is the strategic leadership training for the core management team that will lead to sustainable results: more authentic motivation; more focused collaboration; more goals achieved – which in a challenging environment will lead to greater profitability for the entire company.

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Effective leadership is the key productive factor for the well-being of a company, however. While 97% of managers see themselves as strong leaders,only 20% of their employees feel stimulated though.* Here dwells the most relevant potential of growth for the companies

* Gallup Engagement Index

Our approach delivers results because it embeds the energy of the business vision in every single aspect of production life: throughefficient HR processes, powerful leadership skills and, as a result, an exciting corporate culture will resultin tangible, measurable outcomes. That are sustainable, because they integrate with and respect the existing systems.

Qianlead Leadership Training: Learn to lead by inspiration.

Leadership skills can be learned: Qianlead Essentials is the integrated training system to launch an inspiring leadership culture in the company, with outstanding results:



Because leaders include employees actively in the company vision, as a part of the team they feel more responsible for their personal goals. As a result, they will work with more passion and quality, and in line with the needs of the entire company.



Because leaders actively develop team collaboration, they find the right role for each individual component. In this way they create the context for respectful cooperation based on shared goals, leading to more productivity in the team but also beyond.



Because leaders lead by objectives, they reward what delivers results and support where skills are lacking. As a result, everyone assumes the responsibility for their commitments, leading to outstanding results.



Because leaders develop the full potential of all employees, work becomes a stimulating challenge in which high-performance employees feel appreciated. As a result, the most promising talents will remain in the company to pursue their careers, while also attracting other high potentials.



Because the CEO and the management team create an environment of transparent and efficient processes, with clear and respected responsibilities and goal-oriented development support for each individual employee, everyone will be more aligned and committed to generating more revenue .

We support companies to build up inspiring leadership in a sustainable way

With Qianlead Hong Liu and Stefan Gliesche have created the training curriculum to fulfill their vision of leadership rooted in measurable skills and an ethic that fuels a strong sense of belonging.

All this was born from Ideas matured during many years of experience in important positions of management, training and consulting carried out mainly in Italy, China and Germany: a holistic training system that not only enables the development of measurable leadership skills in managers, but also to create a favorable environment that lets them have a strong impact on their everyday work.

Only from the combination of an expert in management training and an HR expert could a systemic approach like Qianlead Essentials be born.



interactive workshop sessions



coaching and consulting sessions



people along the way in theid careers



years of relevant experience in the EU and Asia

Investing in training with Qianlead will guide you to success!

  • Because we always combine group learning sessions with individual training sessions in real or realistic situations, the knowledge just learned in the workshop becomes a veritable skill
  • Because the sessions are spread over a period of 6 to 9 months, the risk of not achieving the objective of the training is extremely low
  • Because working on both the development of the HR system and on the individual managers, a self-strenghtening system of an inspiring leadership culture is being established
  • Because we live everything we teach in our daily lives, our training will lead to lasting changes in the attitude and behaviour of the participants – resulting in a higher return on investment
  • Becauseall the contents of the program are based on measurable leadership skills, it will be possible not only to compare the level of soft skills among managers, but also to develop them further
  • Because our experience gained mainly in large companies, it will be particularily interesting for SMEs to arrive at international standards in order to remain competitive in the future
  • Because our cultural heritage is compose of Italian, Chinese and German influences, you will experience a more complete understanding of your situation in today’s globalized context

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Successful SMEs rely on Qianlead because it delivers results

I see basically two results: the first is in the mindset of my management team, the second is that they are really implementing what they have learned in the training programme. In the second half of the fiscal year we see an average growth of 15-20% compared to the same period last year, and I am deeply convinced that this result is partly due to the investment made in this programme.

Roberto Pomari

Roberto Pomari


Stefan has been able to provide our group with methodologies to apply principles and concepts that until yesterday I considered mainly theoretical.
I am confident that I have acquired tools that will be very useful in the future to manage my relationships with colleagues and collaborators. Certainly he accelerated the learning process by encouraging us to directly exercise what he explained to us.

Mario Schininà

Mario Schininà


The complete solution for SMEs

Qianlead Essentials is the sistemic solution to implement a professional people development at a flat fee in your company: key stakeholders learn how to support everybody to give their best in the workplace.

The training system embraces the Philosophy of simplicity: we have rigorously reduced complexity and focused on the essence of relevant information to implement a clear, powerful and essential vision of leadership that teaches the key transversal skills most in demand in the new decade according to LinkedIn:

  • creativity – creating original ideas and finding fresh solutions
  • communication – inspiring people and guiding them to their decisions
  • collaboration – achieving goals together with the group
  • adaptability – adapt to changing environments
  • time management – doing the right things at the right time

It is possible to radically change the leadership system in the company within 6 to 9 months to prepara it for the callenges of a VUCA world: guided by shared values and a clear vision, based on effective structures and processes, and supported by the sustainable development of talent in the company, the management team will take the whole company to a new level of motivation, collaboration, and productivity. Qianlead Essentials is the safe and trusted approach in Italy and China to transform your business into a state-of-the-art organisation thanks to its inspiring leadership.

And when do you want to benefit from inspiring leadership in the company?

The economic situation in Italy is quite challenging at the moment – nevertheless there are some extremely competitive SMEs sailing from record to record. One of the essential keys to their success is a competent leadership that is able to develop the skills of co-workers, to boost their passion, and to guide them on the road to achieving important objectives.

Our core competence is to create the environment for this type of leadership and develop the skills needed to be effective.

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