Qianlead Fusion: Why it just works.

Everything we offer has been tried in real life before

In the market you will find many training concepts, advice, ideas and theories. But not all of them have a proven track record: many concepts were built on beautiful theories and assumptions, used in trainings while generating nice feedback, but never checked for mid- and longterm effect. That means it was never tested, if the investment in training generated the desired change in the real-life working environment – or any mid- and long-term change at all. Actually that’s the reason why the first concept for what should later become Qianlead Fusion was born in 2008: then still working for a medium-sized training company, Stefan saw the inefficiency of the applied training programs – with little possibility to influence the contents or the methods. And he decided to make it better on his own.

Based on more than 10 years of real-life experience in coaching, training and management, on literally a library of books and articles read and digested, and on the valuable advice of their mentors, step by step Stefan and Hong developed and tested the approach behind Qianlead Fusion. This investment today bears fruit: our clients are content, because their investment in coaching, training and consulting resulted in more competitive and productive working environments.

Using the energy available instead of fighting it

It’s a little bit like Judo: using the energy that’s coming towards you and only slightly guiding it into the direction where you can best utilize it instead of hitting the breaks, turning into the desired direction, and investing a lot of energy to get it moving again. This is the Qianlead approach, and it will pay off in the long run: associates working self-motivated on projects they deem attractive will get into flow more often and more quickly. Their work will be more focussed and of higher quality. And solutions more creative and easier to implement. It’s the closest you can get to a guarantee for success. Because when you like what you do, and you want what you get – you go the extra mile, just because it’s fun. Why? Simply because in the process they develop techniques and structures that instead of forcing everyone down the same road that maybe fits nobody embrace their individual personality, experience, and working style.

The right method for every step along the way

Great leadership is not born overnight. It takes time to grow – and a well defined vision of the future leadership style, and the strategy to reach this goal. Every step on this way has different goals and needs. While learning new knowledge can best (and most economically) be accomplished in a combination of self-study materials and interactive workshops, learning a new competence is best done in a combination of role plays in the protected atmosphere of a workshop with individual training on the job sessions in the real-life working environment of the participant. Reflecting on your goals or coming to a decision is best helped by an individual coaching, and sometimes advice and help with the implementation in a consulting session the most efficient way to reach the defined goal. So for every single step, there will be the perfect match between learning goal and method. Because we know that only doing one step will never let you go the whole way Qianlead Fusion is artfully composed of different elements that in the sum will create long-lasting success.

Step by step – the timeline to success

Once the training goals are defined, we build a timeline to bring them to life: typically a Qianlead Fusion project takes between 7 and 14 months from the first analysis to its conclusion. That’s the consequence of how the human brain works: to adapt to a new behavior, it takes between 5 and 7 weeks of continuous doing, before a next step can efficiently be initiated. Only with this long-term approach we can make sure that there will be a sustainable change: intermediate training goals set the milestones on the way, each one defining the methods for the module as well as the support needed from within the company, so that you can experience the first successes step by step already long before the program’s end.

Now it’s your turn: if you want the best possible results for your training budget, we should talk.

Stefan Gliesche

By Stefan Gliesche

Stefan is an internationally renowned expert in coaching and training for business leaders and professionals: if you are leading people he’s the perfect choice to develop your individual peak performance in leadership, in complete harmony with your personal character and style. For more than 15 years he’s been working successfully with entrepreneurs, executive officers, and managers in Europe and Asia to build up strong, authentic and inspiring communication and leadership skills.

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