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Here are the top 5 reasons, why our clients chose us for their change projects: 

  1. Lasting results: we use existing systems and structures in the company to leverage our training’s effect. This systemic approach integrates the new with the old, creating an environment that makes real change possible and stimulates continuous improvement.
  2. Engaging sessions: we know how the brain works, and we make use of it in our training design. As a result, participants actively engage in the sessions, work concentratedly on their individual improvement and bring back valuable take-aways to their workplace.
  3. Measurable improvement: we defined measurable quality levels for all relevant leadership skills. This allows for the tracking of growing skill sets and enables managers to include observable criteria for soft skills in the performance rating.
  4. Credible motivation: we only do what we believe in – and It shows. We believe that being authentic and passionate is the key to success in training and leadership. And we walk the talk – this is why our participants regularly fully buy in and take high motivation back to the office.
  5. Predictable investment: we believe in full transparency of costs and services. As a result our clients appreciate the clarity of our invoices: the amount due is the exact amount agreed upon before, even if the program slightly changed over time.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to invest in leadership training with Qianlead. But we want to make it even easier for you to decide weather our solution fits your need: let’s talk and find out – with a training expert, not a sales person. No strings attached.

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You will discuss  the benefits of implementing Qianlead’s leadership training programme in your company with Stefan Gliesche.

With the confirmation of the appointment you will receive a Google Hangouts link for the session; alternatively we can meet at our office Ca’ del Co’ in the outskirts of La Spezia, Italia.

This consultation will be completely free of charge and without any obligation – we would simply like to offer you the opportunity to get to know Qianlead better and to decide whether a cooperation with Qianlead would be beneficial for you and for your company.

If you book your consultation now, we’ll even throw in another goodie: you’ll receive a voucher for a free 90-minutes coaching session valued at € 399 on a topic of your choice.


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